Many have wanted to write wills during the pandemic

Interest in writing a will has increased in Sweden during the corona pandemic, according to several law firms, including Lexly and Lavendla. Carola Erixon Gyllenmyr, a lawyer at the Family Lawyer, has also been busy this year.

– I have a lot to do now, and even though the calendar is usually almost full, it is more than full since last spring actually, says Carola Erixon Gyllenmyr.

It’s hard to take give an exact figure of how many more people have wanted to write the will during the pandemic. But the trend Carola Erixon Gyllenmyr describes is backed by a dozen law firms that Ekot has spoken to.

Carola Erixon Gyllenmyr believes that many during the pandemic have become aware that they are not immortal is one reason for the increase.

– That you have actually come to the conclusion that, yes, but we have to deal with this because it can happen at any time, you do not know when you check out. That you are aware that things will be the way you want them to be.

According to her, many people have also returned during the year to review old wills.

– It may be that family relationships have changed during the 15 years that have passed. You may have bequeathed to someone who is no longer with us, or children and grandchildren who have come of age and other such considerations that you need to make.

Carola Erixon Gyllenmyr takes a positive view of the trend and believes that it is important to have a will in place when the inevitable happens in order to avoid possible conflicts.

– Around 60-65 percent of all who die have no will. And it is clear, based on my professional role and my experience of investigating estates where there are no wills, I would like to see more people think about whether you should have a will.

If you are not married and do not have a will when you die, even any children are entitled to the entire inheritance. If you have drawn up a will, you can decide on only half of what you leave behind.

– You can have the second half at your disposal. Then you can choose to give that part to one of the children if you like one child more than the others. Or you can choose to donate to charity, distribute among grandchildren or other relatives or whatever.

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