Mette Frederiksen will visit a mink farm after mass killing

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) will visit a mink farm next week. She writes this on Sunday in a post on Facebook.

The announcement comes after farmers in tractors demonstrated in Copenhagen and Aarhus on Saturday in protest against the mink case.

The case has filled the agenda recently and has resulted in Mogens Jensen (S) resigning as Minister of Food.

According to the police, the demonstrations proceeded calmly. But on social media, images have abounded that allegedly show signs in which the prime minister is described as a “pleasure killer”.

However, Mette Frederiksen does not believe that they are representative of the overall message, she writes on Facebook. However, she urges that the good tone be remembered.

– Maybe we – instead of the harsh words behind the screen – should make an effort to understand each other.

– Therefore, next week I will also visit both a mink farm and a farm, just as I will pass North Jutland, where almost all the special restrictions have now been lifted, she writes.

Saturday’s demonstration was to show dissatisfaction with the extensive killing of mink that was launched after a mutated variant of coronavirus was found in Danish mink.

The case has received a great deal of attention and has ended with Mogens Jensen (S) resigning as Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. Instead, party colleague Rasmus Prehn has been appointed to the post.

It happened on top of a chaotic process, where it was first announced that all mink should be killed – after which it emerged that there was no legal authority to demand it.

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