More want to get vaccinated against covid-19

More and more people want to get vaccinated against covid-19, but at the same time every fourth Swede says no. It shows a survey that Novus has done for SVT’s Agenda.

– I can imagine getting vaccinated. We must somehow stop this pandemic and then it is important that as many people as possible get vaccinated and therefore I would do it, says Jonny Larsson, who Ekot meets in town in Trollhättan.

There are more Swedes who want to be vaccinated against covid-19 now, than when the question was asked this summer. Just over 1,100 people in the Novus Sweden panel participated in the survey, reports SVT.

The proportion who want to take a vaccine has increased by ten percentage points to almost half, 46 percent, of Swedes, according to the survey.

Richard Bergström, national vaccine coordinator, is satisfied.

– It is gratifying that there are more people who can imagine getting vaccinated. I’m not so surprised that these numbers are rising, because it was very hypothetical this summer if it’s even possible to make vaccines and if they are effective and safe. Now we have received results in recent weeks that show that it is possible and that we see a very good protection effect, says Bergström to Ekot.

It is now also fewer who do not want to be vaccinated, but still every fourth Swede says no.

Most of the no-sayers are worried about side effects of the vaccine. But Jonny Larsson is not worried about that.

– You get vaccinated when it looks like it does in society. It is a duty, he thinks.

Vaccine coordinator Richard Bergström says that there is always a risk of very rare side effects. But that you will generally have a good idea of ​​what side effects there are.

– It is not possible to completely rule out the possibility of very rare side effects. But the side effects that are more common, or even up to one in ten thousand that we call unusual side effects, we will have information about, he says to Ekot.

He believes that the proportion who want to get vaccinated will increase as we get more information about the different vaccines.

– The time when the vaccine is available to many, ie those who are not prioritized but the population in general, may not be until after the summer of 2021 and then we know so much more. Have an “open mind” I usually say. Do not close doors, says Bergström.

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