Olsen Dyhr: Støjberg should apologize for the disgusting swamp statement

– We must have drained the swamp filled with Mette Frederiksen’s arrogance of power.

This is how it sounded on Saturday from the Liberal Party’s deputy chairman, Inger Støjberg, when she spoke at a demonstration against the government in Aarhus.

The Liberal Party believes that Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) should acknowledge her responsibility in the case of the killing of all Danish mink.

The expression of draining the swamp has attracted attention in political circles. Not least because it has been frequently used by US President Donald Trump in his showdown with the central administration in Washington.

SF’s chairman, Pia Olsen Dyhr, believes that Inger Støjberg makes a completely unreasonable comparison by drawing parallels between Denmark and the USA, which in the four years with Trump as president has been split even more than before.

– I think it’s disgusting. And I think that Inger Støjberg should go out and draw her words.

– We do not need a polarized Denmark in the same way as we see in the USA.

– It is fair enough that we strongly disagree, because we not only disagree a little, we disagree a lot right now. But we have to keep the discussion on the ball and not on the man, says Pia Olsen Dyhr.

The term draining the swamp has previously been used by former US President Ronald Reagan, among others. However, no one has used it as often as Donald Trump.

Question: Is it because you connect it to him and what he stands for, in relation to the central administration in Washington, that it causes such a stir?

– Firstly, it’s because it’s being linked to Trump and the central administration in the United States. And I do not think at all that you can compare with Denmark, says Pia Olsen Dyhr.

– But for me it is really about a deeper reason, because she (Inger Støjberg, ed.) Is in the process of dismantling our democratic dialogue if we demonize each other.

– This is worrying, because we actually have to stand together right now in the crisis we are in and find common solutions. And that does not add up to this, she says.

The Liberal Party’s chairman, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, told TV2 on Sunday that he had not heard the announcement from Inger Støjberg.

– I’ve heard it used by the now fortunately former President of America.

– What he meant by that, I can assure you that the Liberal Party does not mean that, says Jakob Ellemann-Jensen to TV2.

Question: What do you say to what Jakob Ellemann-Jensen has said?

– I’m happy with what Jakob Ellemann says. I also think Jakob Ellemann should clearly demand that Inger Støjberg go out and say sorry, says Pia Olsen Dyhr.

The Radicals’ political leader, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, has also asked that the Liberal Party distance itself from Inger Støjberg’s statement.

– We have to solve the problems. Get to the bottom of crime. Yes! But that there? It is division in its essence. You know that. We’ve seen it. Do not join the GOP (Republican Party, ed.), She writes on Twitter.

The former Liberal Minister Søren Pind has also commented on the statement from Støjberg on Twitter.

– “Drain the swamp …” What happens to my good old party, Søren Pind asks.

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