Rasmus Paludan was detained for two days in France

– The Ministry of the Interior had made a decision that I should be deported administratively, and then I was administratively deprived of liberty until the deportation could be effected, says Rasmus Paludan.

An administrative deprivation of liberty is something other than an arrest. An arrest is an intervention in a criminal law context, ie in a case where something illegal has taken place.

– In France, the authorities’ view was not that I had done anything illegal or that I wanted to do something illegal. Their view was that I might want to do something legal that they did not like – namely to burn a Koran, says Rasmus Paludan.

Prior to the visit, Paludan informed the Ritzau that he had informed the French embassy in Copenhagen that he would demonstrate at the Arc de Triomphe and that a Koran would be burned at the demonstration.

He doubts that the decision to deport him has been legal as he is an EU citizen.

– You could say that it really takes a lot to deport an EU citizen who has not done anything illegal, says Rasmus Paludan.

In August this year, the Swedish authorities issued Paludan a two-year entry ban. The Swedes believed that Paludan would commit something illegal – in Denmark he has been convicted of violating the so-called racism clause.

But Paludan responded again by invoking Swedish citizenship. His father is from Sweden, and when Paludan’s parents got married when Paludan was seven years old, he obtained Swedish citizenship.

Rasmus Paludan tells Ritzau that in connection with his detention in France, he asked to be put on a plane to Copenhagen. But because he had traveled on a Swedish passport, the French sent him to Stockholm.

– At least that was their reasoning. But really, it was just because they wanted to be cross and annoying, Paludan believes.

He says that he was received by “some police” in Sweden. Later that day he traveled home to Copenhagen.

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