The left wants out of the corona crisis with billion-dollar tax cuts

– Tax breaks get more people into work. And we need that. Because there needs to be more people lifting the burden at the moment. There are many who have lost their jobs during the corona crisis, says Liberal Party chairman Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

– We need as many people as possible to return to the labor market and be allowed to go back to work so that they can get their lives back. We need as many people as possible to lift in droves. And there are tax breaks one of the tools, he continues.

According to the Liberal Party, the party’s proposal is fully funded.

Streamlining of municipal job centers, lower benefits for unemployed immigrants and increased exposure to competition in the public sector are among the measures that will provide funding.

According to the Liberal Party, for example, increased exposure to competition in the public sector will contribute one billion kroner of funding.

In addition, the party will have brought forward already adopted tax cuts and increase the maximum employment deduction by 1000 kroner.

When you are in employment, there is a part of your salary that you do not have to pay tax on. It’s called the employment deduction. The deduction is calculated as a percentage of income.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen believes that the initiatives “not only provide growth in the short term, which also extends further”. And it is necessary in light of the “serious situation” that Denmark is in because of the corona crisis, it sounds.

Earlier in November, the Liberal Party presented the part of the budget proposal that deals with the green transition.

Among other things, the party will set aside five billion kroner over a five-year period for the set-aside of low-lying land that is currently cultivated in agriculture. It must help reduce CO2 emissions and create better biodiversity.

The Finance Act for next year is currently being negotiated among the parliamentary parties.

Whether an agreement can be reached in connection with the negotiations, the coming weeks will show. The Finance Bill must be adopted in the Folketing Hall before the end of the year.

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