The unit list lacks CO2 tax in proposals for tax reform

– It’s so unambitious that I’m almost speechless.

– The government is postponing with this proposal the CO2 tax, which all experts, green organizations – and both the right and left side of the Folketing – have agreed on, is the most important tool for achieving reductions, she says and refers to the goal of reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

The government’s proposal does not propose to introduce a general CO2 tax, which, among other things, the Climate Council wants.

Instead, the government will introduce a higher energy tax for business. But it does not ensure that the polluters pay for the green transition that a CO2 tax would provide, the Unity List believes.

DR Nyheder, which has seen the plot, writes that the business community, which is facing higher taxes, will in turn receive a discount on new investments for a total of DKK 4.5 billion.

The Government’s proposal means that a total of DKK 5.2 billion in relief is planned for the business community from 2021 to 2025. Taxes in the same years are set to increase by a total of DKK 700 million.

Mai Villadsen believes that these are “tax rebates that are not green”.

– For every krone that the companies with this proposal have to pay in tax, they get seven kroner in tax rebates, which they can spend on various purchases that do not have to be green.

– It’s completely crazy, she says.

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