A record number of people apply for carrier allowance

  • So far this year, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency has received almost 13,000 applications, usually the figure is 350 for a full year.
  • The increase is greatest since the restrictions were tightened in October and people who live with someone who has been confirmed to be infected with Covid-19 must also stay at home, due to the risk of infection.
  • “The peak this spring was during week 14, when we had a total of 470 cases. Last week we had an influx of 2438 cases,” says Nagam Alkass, area manager at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency to Ekot.

F√∂rs√§kringskassan’s costs for carrier allowance also increase sharply compared with last year when the sum landed at a total of SEK 4 million.
Until October this year, just over 19 million has been paid out and according to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s latest calculations, an additional 15 million will be paid out by the turn of the year. To cope with the increased search pressure, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency has reassigned 45 administrators from other departments.

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