Esbjerg will be a green energy metropolis when the oil is shut down

Esbjerg will be a green energy metropolis when the oil is shut down

– First of all, it is a little sad that an end date has now been set for the adventure, which has generated billions for the state treasury and created many jobs in Esbjerg over the last 45 years.

This is what the mayor of Esbjerg, Jesper Frost Rasmussen (V), says after a broad political majority on Thursday evening set an expiration date for the Danish oil and gas adventure in the North Sea.

According to the mayor, the oil and gas industry employs up to 9000 people in Esbjerg, if you include the accompanying industry.

– The important thing is that full speed has been agreed until 2050, so that oil and gas can still be investigated for and extracted in the current fields, but also in the neighboring areas in the North Sea.

According to Jesper Frost Rasmussen, the future stop for oil extraction will take place in a “smart” and “long-term” way, so that there is time to convert Esbjerg into a green energy metropolis.

The agreement includes DKK 90 million to support the development of the Port of Esbjerg and the possibility of becoming a hub for offshore wind turbines.

– The next generation of offshore wind turbines is so large that the vessels have difficulty entering Danish ports.

– Therefore, it is obvious to use the money to deepen the channel, so that it can help to support the industry that will probably take over the majority of jobs in the oil and gas industry, says Jesper Frost Rasmussen.

He sees Esbjerg’s future as a “green silicon valley”, where the port will be the center for shipping and installation of thousands of offshore wind turbines.

An upcoming energy island in the North Sea will also be serviced from Esbjerg, the mayor believes.

In addition, he points to the possibility of storing CO2 in the holes in the subsoil, from which millions of liters of oil have been pumped up over time.

– There are many employees who now have to switch to other industries. It requires some continuing education, which we will put ourselves at the forefront to help with, says Jesper Frost Rasmussen.

Source: The Nordic Page





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