The unit list will have investigated the action card case thoroughly

The unit list will have investigated the action card case thoroughly

– I believe that the next step should be that we investigate the conditions in the National Police independently.

– We have received an answer that shows that the Ministry of Justice does not intend to investigate this, because there is work going on in the Folketing. Honestly, what does it look like ?, she says.

Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup (S) was in consultation on Thursday, where he received a barrage of critical questions about the role of the Ministry of Justice and the National Police in the mink scandal.

The consultation revolved around the use of the so-called action card, which is a talking paper. It was to be used by the police to call mink breeders and get them to agree to kill their mink.

The problem was that there was no legal basis for requiring mink breeders whose herds were outside the 7.8-kilometer safety zone from infected herds to kill their mink.

It has emerged that the National Police was aware that there was no legal authority to demand that all mink be killed when officers were started to make the calls.

Nick Hækkerup said on Thursday that the illegal formulations from the police were used a total of eight times against mink breeders in calls.

It happened in the period 6 to 8 November.

Ekstra Bladet writes that Rosa Lund wants an investigation to cover “the entire store”, ie both the National Police, including National Police Chief Thorkild Fogde, and the Ministry of Justice.

– I hope we can place a responsibility. It is simply not good for our police to act without legal authority. It does not belong anywhere, she tells Ekstra Bladet.

Source: The Nordic Page