Citizens’ proposal to repeal ghetto lists reaches the Folketing

Citizens' proposal to repeal ghetto lists reaches the Folketing

A citizens’ proposal to, among other things, abolish the so-called ghetto lists has received support from more than 50,000 citizens.

This means that the proposal must now be discussed among the parliamentary parties.

The people behind the proposal want to repeal the ghetto law and abolish the lists that categorize public housing areas as ghettos.

So far, 50,695 people have shown support for this on Therefore, the proposal must now be presented as a resolution in the Folketing.

Several of the government’s support parties welcome the fact that there is now enough support for the proposal for it to be discussed in the Folketing. This applies, among other things, to the Unity List.

– Such! More than 50,000 – well fought! I look forward to us considering the proposal in the hall, writes integration and immigration spokesperson Rosa Lund (EL) on Facebook.

The Radicals ‘integration and foreigners’ rapporteur, Kristian Hegaard, is also looking forward to discussing the proposal in the Folketing.

– Cool! 50,000 signatures for citizen proposal to scrap ghetto law. It is a clear signal to roll the bulldozer away and instead focus on jobs and education, he writes on Twitter.

The milestone of the citizens’ proposal comes a week after the government presented its latest list of vulnerable housing areas – the so-called ghetto list.

This year, the list of residential areas has shrunk to 15 from 28 last year. This is close to halving in just one year.

The reason for the drop is, among other things, that more residents have come to work and fewer convictions for serious crimes.

Source: The Nordic Page