Restaurants can now get payroll assistance and sell takeaway at the same time

Restaurants can now get payroll assistance and sell takeaway at the same time

The government on Thursday landed an agreement with the social partners. The agreement will come to the rescue of restaurants in the 38 municipalities that are subject to extended restrictions, among other things.

The agreement reintroduces the wage compensation scheme, but with some adjustments.

The restaurants are given the opportunity to help pay the salary, even if not all employees are sent home.

Thus, the restaurants can keep parts of the staff in work while selling takeaway, while waiters and the like can be sent home with salary compensation from the state.

In the 38 municipalities, the authorities have banned restaurants and pubs from receiving guests until 3 January. With they may well sell out of the house.

But in that case, for example, it will bring restaurants on edge with the requirements that must be met in order to gain access to wage compensation.

That is why the scheme is reintroduced with an adjustment.

A press release on the agreement from the Ministry of Employment states that the parties also agree that the agreement can be extended to more municipalities if they are affected by restrictions such as the 38.

The 38 municipalities that are initially affected are mainly around Copenhagen or on Zealand, but also Odense and Aarhus are included.

– I am pleased that the parties are once again taking responsibility for the rapid reintroduction of wage compensation in the 38 municipalities, which are subject to stricter restrictions, says Minister of Employment Peter Hummelgaard (S) in the press release.

The employers’ representative, Jacob Holbraad, is also satisfied, but emphasizes that the agreement is not free for the companies that use it.

The agreement does not only apply to companies in the 38 affected municipalities. There are also companies that are not located in the 38 municipalities, but which are suppliers to companies in the 38 municipalities. They are also covered by the help.

The wage compensation scheme means that the state contributes either 75 or 90 percent of the wage costs to the employees covered by the agreement.

However, there is a ceiling, which means that a maximum of DKK 30,000 per month is covered for repatriated employees.

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