From Iceland – The Peace Tower in Viðey will be lit until the spring equinox

From Iceland - The Peace Tower in Viðey will be lit until the spring equinox

The Reykjavík Art Museum has decided to light the Viðey Peace Tower until the spring equinox, Indicator reports. This decision had been made “in the light of world circumstances”. The Peace Tower is a work of art by Yoko Ono that was created to honor the life of her late husband, John Lennon. The tower is usually lit from October 9 (Lennon’s birthday) to December 8 (the anniversary of his death).

The artwork, officially named Imagine Peace Tower, referring to one of Lennon’s most famous songs, was unveiled in 2007, on Lennon’s 66th birthday. Since then, the tower has been lit for almost two months each year. The light emitted by the artwork comes from 15 searchlights that radiate up to the sky and are powered by the geothermal system. The light reaches an altitude of 4,000 meters on a clear night and is clearly visible from the capital area on the mainland.

Yesterday, the Reykjavík Art Museum sent out a statement outlining their decision to re-illuminate the tower at the winter solstice (December 21). The tower will continue to be lit until the spring equinox next year (March 21). No clear reason was given for this decision: simply that it was taken “in the light of world circumstances”. Perhaps it is a call for the spirit of international unity proposed by the tower, entitled “Imagine Peace” written in 24 different languages.

As of yesterday, the days have started to lengthen again, but this decision by the Reykjavík Art Museum will mean that the night sky will remain clear during the winter months.

Source: The Nordic Page




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