Magical shapes the next generation

Magical shapes the next generation

Here he not only shapes young football talents in life on the pitch, but also off the pitch in terms of his role as a family teacher.

Here, the flamboyant Zealander can share the experiences from a long life in the world of football and festivities.

The midfielder with the nickname “Tryllerik” could probably have gone much further with his own active career if he had lived as professionally as his then Brøndby coach Morten Olsen wanted.

With his extraordinarily good technique, he came into consideration for Richard Møller Nielsen’s national team, and he reached two national matches in the years before Denmark’s European Championship triumph.

According to Erik Rasmussen himself, he would have reached several national matches if he had not been taken to a nightclub during a national team gathering, where he danced around with the national coach’s daughter.

So instead of a national team and a move abroad, Erik Rasmussen ended up at home in Køge Boldklub as playing head coach in the period 1992-1997.

Since then, he had two years left in the American Indoor League, where he also played in the period 1984-1989 and went by the nickname “The Wizard”, The Wizard.

After the final sentence of his playing career, he became a coach and had Næstved moved up to the 1st division before he ended up in FC Midtjylland.

With an entertaining style of play and his human quality as a mood bomb, he paved the way for FC Midtjylland’s best results at the time, silver medals in the Superliga in 2006/07 and 2007/08.

He then went to Aarhus and AGF, but ended up with a dismissal notice in May 2010 after a relegation to the 1st division.

The following year, he published his honest autobiography, “Forgive Me – Stories from Life Outside the Lines”, in which he told of a life of football, parties and infidelity.

Source: The Nordic Page




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