V mayors call on Støjberg to take a break as deputy chairman

V mayors call on Støjberg to take a break as deputy chairman

According to two Liberal mayors, the party’s deputy chairman, Inger Støjberg, should temporarily take a break from his post. She should, as long as it is investigated whether there is a basis for instituting a high court case against her.

This is the opinion of Jens Ive and Martin Damm, who are mayors of Rudersdal and Kalundborg, respectively.

The former tells Ritzau that Inger Støjberg’s future in the Liberal Party “can only be decided by Inger herself or by a national meeting”.

– But I think it will make sense for Inger herself and for the Liberal Party that Inger takes a timeout and maybe takes a few days or weeks off while this is being considered by the Folketing.

– Then a conclusion comes, and Inger must step in again, and then we must have a discussion. It serves no purpose to try to be a party to a case that will in any case run, says Jens Ive.

The same message comes from Martin Damm, writes Politiken.

He believes that the dispute between chairman Jakob Ellemann-Jensen and Støjberg underlines the need for Støjberg to resign his post.

– When she herself was elected, I think she said in her speech that there was no doubt that one should back the chairman. I do not think she does today. It is noticeable that a chairman where the Liberal Party’s executive committee agreed with his line, says Damm to Politiken.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen has stated to several media and written on Facebook that the Liberal Party may end up backing a federal court case against Inger Støjberg.

According to the chairman, this will be the consequence if a clear conclusion of the ongoing legal investigation is not reached by January.

The same position was shared by the chairman at a meeting of the party’s executive committee on Sunday evening.

The deputy chairman responded again on Facebook on Monday by declaring himself “very surprised” and “completely disagree”.

Both Peter Gæmelke, who is also a member of the committee, Martin Damm and Jens Ive confirm that Støjberg attended the meeting on Sunday evening.

– I am surprised by Inger’s announcement that it is coming behind her, because she was oriented just like the rest of us, he says.

The case concerns the illegal separation of asylum couples, where one was a minor, in 2016, when Støjberg was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration.

She is accused of illegal administration and of later misleading the Folketing during her time as minister. This led to harsh criticism in a report from the Instruction Commission, which has investigated the case.

Now independent lawyers must assess the basis of a federal court case.

It has not been possible to get a comment from Inger Støjberg. Jakob Ellemann-Jensen does not want to comment further on the case on Monday evening.

Source: The Nordic Page




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