70 centimeters of snow are expected – so Sweden will be hit by the snow chaos

70 centimeters of snow are expected - so Sweden will be hit by the snow chaos
  • Train traffic between Sundsvall and Umeå will be canceled from 8 pm tonight, according to the Swedish Transport Administration, which also encourages motorists in Västernorrland to stay at home.
  • SMHI has issued a class 3 warning for Västernorrland County, which is the most serious warning class.
  • “Class 3 is a very sharp warning, you can not drive a car if there is so much snow on a road”, says Katarina Wolffram press communicator at the Swedish Transport Administration to Ekot.

That SMHI issues a class 3 warning is unusual but happens a few times a year according to Katarina Wolffram. In addition to canceled trains, the Swedish Transport Administration invests all resources for snow removal and maintenance of the roads in Västernorrland.

– All our resources are ready, you are on your toes and this class 3 warning has made you call in extra resources.

Extra resources are set also in the rest of Norrland, in Jämtland and Västerbotten, class two warnings have been issued. Further south, SMHI has issued a class 1 warning. And there may also be more changes in train traffic.

– I know that they are looking at the night trains between Stockholm up to Narvik that they should try to move so that they go inland because there it is expected that there will not be as much snow, so that they do not stay standing, says Katrina Wolffram.


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