5 BAD Russian brands

5 BAD Russian brands

These are signs of death, poverty and general misfortune that are known in Russian culture. Beware!

These superstitions may seem like a thing in the distant past. But there are still many people in Russia, even the younger ones, who follow them.

To cross his path: black cat, priest

A Russian illusionist Alan Chumak pauses at the sight of a black cat

A Russian illusionist Alan Chumak pauses at the sight of a black cat

Alexander Makarov / Sputnik

An encounter with a black cat was not always considered a bad omen – ancient Egyptians considered that every chance encounter with a cat was a sign of good luck. In Russian history, it was thought that black cats were imps in disguise. Black cat was an attribute of a village witch. So, a black cat crossing your path is still generally considered a bad sign – you should then turn around and choose another path, or spit three times over your left shoulder to ward off evil spirits (just like in Scandinavian countries).

Ironically, another “unfortunate” encounter is one with a priest or a monk – this type of passerby crossing your path is also a bad sign. To drive away bad luck, one must touch the priest or his clothes or tie knots on a thread after coming home, a rural believer had it.

2. To meet / receive empty things: wallets, buckets

5 BAD Russian brands


In traditional societies, every empty container is considered a “bad thing”. There is an old assumption that if you give someone a wallet or purse as a gift, it should not be empty – this is a sign of poverty. So even just a coin inside would make such a gift “happy”.

The same prejudice applies to meeting a woman who carries empty buckets – it gives bad luck. Apparently this comes from the past of the Russian countryside, so it is almost forgotten now. There are not many women who walk through the city streets with their shiny empty buckets today.

3. Whistling at home

5 BAD Russian brands

Legion Media

Whistling in living quarters in Russia was strictly forbidden, for various reasons mentioned for it. According to one version, whistling is a way to communicate with the parallel world and call to the spirits, so at home was definitely not the place to do it. Other beliefs say that whistling calls the wind, which will “sweep” material values ​​out of the house. Even whistling can “scare” domovoy, which would then leave the house unprotected from bad mood.

4. Go under a V-shaped arch

Things like this can be seen in many Russian cities.  This clearly shows Russians avoid going under a v-shaped arch.

Things like this can be seen in many Russian cities. This clearly shows Russians avoid going under a v-shaped arch.

adriatika18 / pikabu.ru

There are plenty of superstitions about walking – for example, walking under a ladder is considered bad luck in many European countries. In Russia, it is also considered inappropriate to go through a gate when there is a gate, because “only imps go through the gates”. Another prolonged sign of bad luck goes under a V-shaped arch (upside down) – it drives away happiness. How Russian people still avoid doing so can be seen above, or in this photo.

5. Bird inside a home

5 BAD Russian brands


A gloomy sign. A bird that accidentally flew into a home is a sign that someone is about to die in the family or near the family. . This certainly does not mean keeping a parrot or a raven at home is a sign of near death – superstition only applies to birds that flew in by chance.

Source: sn.dk




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