FACTS: These restrictions apply until February 7th

See here what restrictions apply in the coming weeks:

* Assembly ban on five people.

* Distance requirements of two meters. This applies both in grocery stores and in the public space.

* The authorities recommend that the population limit physical contact as much as possible. They call for the cancellation of all agreements that can be canceled until 7 February.

* Retail, department stores and department stores are closed regardless of size. Grocery stores and pharmacies are exempt.

* Liberal service professions such as hairdressers and masseurs are closed. The same goes for clinics that perform cosmetic treatments.

* Pupils in primary and lower secondary school and students in upper secondary and adult education have been sent home and receive distance education.

* Employers are encouraged to let employees work from home where possible.

* All indoor sports and cultural facilities are closed. This includes swimming pools, gyms, theaters and cinemas.

* Restaurants, bars, cafes and the like must remain closed. They are welcome to sell takeaway.

* The current travel restrictions have been extended through February 7th. Denmark advises against all travel to the whole world. You can only enter Denmark if you have a recognizable purpose. At the same time, one must be able to present a negative coronate test that is a maximum of 24 hours old.

* The government encourages everyone who continues to go to work to be tested at least once a week. This also applies even if you do not have symptoms.

Source: Ministry of Health.

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