HK: Recommendation for weekly testing can be difficult to comply with

– There is a great risk that not everyone will get it, says union chairman of HK Kim Simonsen.

– It is a good idea to be tested because we have to kill the infection. But that raises the question of when to get it done. Should it be during working hours? Then it would be really nice if the employers let the employee go during working hours, he says.

With a few months old law, it has now become possible for employers to ask employees to be tested. But it must be objectively justified.

And it can create a lot of confusion, assesses Kim Simonsen.

– The law is designed so that if you can not do it during working hours, you must be compensated for it.

РBut it is more a call from Hækkerup for social responsibility. He probably just imagines that you do it by yourself.

– And I can question a little bit whether everyone can just do it. We have thousands of members who have to drop off and pick up children in the afternoon and at the same time go to work, says Kim Simonsen.

The HK Federal President recommends that its members be tested if they have the opportunity. But if, for example, you live alone and go to work alone, he does not see the great need to necessarily live up to it every week.

Question: What do you do if you do not have time for it?

– Then you have to ask the employer if you have to. And if you have to, then the employer has to pay, says Kim Simonsen.

Five parties, S, V, Radicals, SF and Conservatives, voted in favor of the proposal for the employer’s possibility of compulsory testing in November.

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