Restaurants will have help packages by the end of February

According to Horesta’s political director, Kirsten Munch, there is a need for the state’s safety net during business to be activated much faster than before.

– There is a need for the state’s safety net under the business community to be more finely meshed, larger and activated much faster than we have seen so far, says Kirsten Munch in a press release.

The announcement comes after the government announced at a press conference on Wednesday night that the current restrictions and shutdowns to contain the coronavirus infection have been extended.

This means that the restrictions – such as the closure of shopping malls, restaurants and liberal professions – apply until Sunday 7 February.

At Wednesday’s press conference, acting Minister of Finance Morten Bødskov (S) said that aid packages for employees and companies will continue as a result of the restrictions being extended.

Horesta would like the aid packages to last longer than the restrictions.

– It is only fair that companies are guaranteed crucial support, which covers wider and comes out immediately.

– And not least, it reaches further into the future, so that companies have a better opportunity to plan for the coming time, says Kirsten Munch.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce has noted that the restrictions will probably last for the rest of the winter.

Therefore, the organization’s director, Brian Mikkelsen, believes that action must be taken when it comes to compensation for the companies affected by the restriction.

– It is an unfortunate situation for everyone, and we must continue to do everything possible to get as many companies as possible through the crisis.

– Growth and jobs in companies is the way to get us off to a good start again as a society, when we can hopefully soon reopen Denmark and the world, says Brian Mikkelsen in a press release.

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