Specialist: We need to be concerned about the spread of mutations

The restrictions were extended for another three weeks until February 7 at a press conference on Wednesday night.

– We have a much more contagious variant of virus in front of us, and we just have to deal with that, says Christian Wejse.

He calls the development of cases with the British mutation in Denmark “worrying”.

– We are partly facing an epidemic that is generally declining, but from below comes a new coronavirus 2.0, which is really at speed and is much faster than what we have had so far.

Therefore, it can not be ruled out that “tougher measures” will be needed than just an extension of the current restrictions.

– We have to see that, because right now it is a bit old data that we have (about B117, ed.). They are from before the latest restrictions, so there is some delay, and therefore it may well be that in three weeks we will be in a sensible place where we have succeeded in slowing it down, says Christian Wejse.

He points out that with the new test method, delta-pcr, it will be possible to get faster data on the British mutation.

At the press conference, Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S) presented how the development has been with B117 recently.

As of Wednesday, 208 cases of the mutation had been found by random sampling.

4 days ago, the total number of 134 samples found was B117.

In the last week of 2020, the British mutation was found in 2.4 percent of the positive corona samples. That number has risen to 3.6 percent in the first week of the new year.

Among the restrictions that have been extended on Wednesday are the assembly ban of 5 people, a distance requirement of two meters, and that retail, department stores and department stores must be kept closed.

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