A cold snap brings the coldest day of the year to many parts of Finland

This year’s lowest temperature readings in Finland, -39 ° C in Muonio, and -37.5 ° C in Kuusamo, Northern Ostrobothnia, were recorded on Thursday morning.

Low temperatures are expected to continue nationwide throughout Thursday and Friday as the high-pressure zone moves east and brings colder air into the country.

Temperatures are forecast to fall further in the eastern and central regions on Thursday evening and early Friday, according to Yle Meteorologist Joonas Koskela.

"Juuka [in North Karelia] stored at -33C before noon. It can be colder. Tomorrow in the east the clouds will start to increase and the cold will ease a little," Koskela said.

In southern Finland, the temperature drops in the evening and at night. On Friday, the thermometer will likely show readings below -20 ° C in the south of the country all the way to the coast.

The warning of dangerous cold temperatures is valid throughout the country, except in Åland and northern Lapland.

By the weekend, severely cold temperatures will ease in many areas.

"In the south, Saturday is still a fairly cold day, but after that temperatures start to rise," Koskela added.

According to the ten-day forecast, temperatures will also be below freezing in the southern parts of the country.

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