Few county administrative boards have controlled the congestion

  • The new pandemic law that will limit congestion came into force on Sunday, but 11 of the 15 county administrative boards that Ekot spoke to have not yet carried out inspections.
  • According to the law, the country’s 21 county administrative boards are responsible for controlling congestion at, among other places, shopping centers, bathhouses, gyms and sports facilities.
  • But, for example, Stockholm and Halland were visited already on Monday.

– It has been known for a long time that the pandemic law would come, but then it would start in March. Then during the Christmas weekend we found out that it would be already the 10th of January, and then we started the work of finding people who would take the assignments, many had holidays and we did not want to cancel it, says Doris Nicht, department manager at the county administrative board in Blekinge who plans to do their first checks in the coming days.

According to the new pandemic law, the country’s 21 county administrative boards are responsible for carrying out inspections to control congestion at, for example, shopping centers, bathhouses, gyms and sports facilities.

But 11 out of 15 county administrative boards who Ekot spoke to states that they have not made any such visits since the law came into force on Sunday. Three county administrative boards state that they are still establishing an organization that will work with supervision, and which will be ready this week or next week.

But in Halland and Stockholm, for example, visits were made as early as Monday. In Halland, congestion at shopping centers has now been checked during the week.

There’s also differences in how the county administrative boards will proceed to control congestion. Many will make active visits to various places, but the Norrbotten County Administrative Board will primarily rely on tips from the public and observations made by other authorities.

– We must also follow the Public Health Agency’s recommendations and guidelines. We will primarily focus on advice and information, it is also part of our supervisory work, says Robert Svanberg supervisory officer at the County Administrative Board in Norrbotten.

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