Finnair presents one-way fares for flights within Finland and Europe

“This is what our customers have been hoping for.”

One-way tickets have been available through all airline channels on Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

According to Orvér, the state-owned airline expects demand for air travel to gradually recover next spring and summer, and plans to increase its range of services accordingly. One-way pricing, he said, is a way to increase demand and make it easier for passengers to plan their trip in the current situation.

YLE on Tuesday wrote one-way tickets have so far often cost more than two-way tickets, and return fares are particularly high on the same day.

– A one-way ticket is very suitable for many passengers. They may make someone ride in one direction at home and return by flying, ” Mikko Turtiainen, Finnair ‘s Sales Director, explained to YLE.

In the price reform highlighted by the public service broadcaster, the airline will also start competing for passengers in Europe with low-cost airlines. Many passengers – especially those who pay for flights out of pocket – have opted for low-cost airlines because of the complex pricing rules, while Business Travelers have not been excited about the rule that an affordable return ticket is only available to those staying there. destination for the night from Saturday to Sunday.

“One-way pricing will lower the average ticket price, but the volume will increase as price restrictions are removed and we get new passengers,” Turtiainen said.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

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