From Iceland – Attack on Reykjavík School Leaves Six Såred, One Arrested So Far

From Iceland - Attack on Reykjavík School Leaves Six Såred, One Arrested So Far

Six were sent to the emergency room and one man so far is in police custody after three attacked Borgarholtsskóli students at 13:00 yesterday afternoon, Indicator reports.

The attackers were said to be armed with baseball bats and knives. None of those who were taken to hospital are said to be seriously injured, but the group of students, parents and school staff are in shock and looking for answers. This adds to the fact that at least one of the attackers was reportedly not even a student at the school and the reasons for the attack are still unclear.

Although the exact information is still unclear, it is known that three entered the school and started attacking several students in the school halls. The clashes were recorded by several students and posted on social media and the fight made its way outside the building.

“This is a very serious situation,” said Ársæll Guðmundsson, principal of Borgarholtsskóli told reporters. “This is also an attack on the open and democratic school system that Iceland has had and the peace that we have had in Icelandic society. This is a very scary situation and some things need to change in Icelandic society. “

Although investigations are still ongoing, the motives and intentions of the attack are still unknown. The school works closely with parents and also offers counseling to students who are traumatized by the attack.

Source: The Nordic Page




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