Rare allergic reactions of corona vaccine from everyday substance

The approved corona vaccines have in a few cases caused severe allergic reactions. So far, researchers do not know why. but there is one main suspect: PEG.

PEG stands for polyethylene glycol and is a common substance in many people’s bathrooms. It is found in everything from skin creams to shampoos, and most people tolerate the substance well. However, a small number have previously had severe allergic reactions to PEG.

In the approved mRNA vaccines then there is a minimal amount of PEG. The largest part of the pandemic vaccine consists of the RNA drawing, which causes the body itself to start acting so that antibodies are formed against the coronavirus. But RNA can easily break down and be surrounded by a fat bubble, lipids. They in turn are held together by PEG which is an emulsifier.

To date, a case of 100,000 has been reported internationally with a severe allergic reaction, so-called anaphylactic shock. Everyone has done well with effective treatment.

To avoid complications with anaphylactic shocks during vaccination, the Swedish Association for Allergology has consulted with the Swedish Public Health Agency and the Medical Products Agency, according to Caroline Nilsson who is an associate professor, doctor and expert on anaphylactic shocks. She tells how people who have had severe allergic overreactions in the past should act:

– If you are allergic to PEG – which very few people are – then you need to discuss with your doctor about vaccines or not vaccines. The same applies if you have reacted to previous vaccinations or of drugs given in injection form, says Caroline Nilsson, an expert in anaphylaxis.

She also says that if you have reacted with a severe allergic reaction before then you should have a longer observation period.

– There are suggestions that if you have previously had an allergic reaction, you should be observed for 30 minutes, says Caroline Nilsson, associate professor of allergy and anaphylaxis at Sachsska Children’s Hospital in Stockholm.

The guidelines may change over time.

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