Researchers retain potentially vital knowledge about testing

Researchers from Rigshospitalet and Statens Serum Institut (SSI) are ready with a study of whether the lightning test is more accurate than what the authorities have said so far.

But the result is being held back, as the research team will first publish the result in a scientific journal. It writes Politiken.

This is despite the fact that experts and the researchers behind it believe that the project could potentially lead to a faster containment of the corona infection, better control of the epidemic and thus fewer deaths.

According to the project manager professor at Rigshospitalet, Christian von Buchwald, the researchers are waiting for the journal to review the results.

Von Buchwald hopes the results can come out “during January”.

– We are aware that the results are of great public interest. Therefore, the article has been submitted as a “fast track”, the project manager writes in an e-mail to Politiken.

The vital knowledge about the quick tests is being withheld, at the same time as there is a deadline on Thursday for bidding for the purchase of quick tests for an estimated one billion tax kroner to the Danish regions.

The procurement will extend the current capacity of 100,000 available quick tests per day and target testing to care centers and other institutions for three months from 1 February.

The regions expect to approve the purchase in just four days, but apparently have to do so without the latest knowledge of one of the tests they can buy.

Health authorities and ministers have since November referred to antigen tests that can provide answers to a neighborhood as unsafe.

Since then, there has been skepticism about these quick tests among citizens and public institutions.

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