Proposals in consultation – long bar quarantine can await convicts

Proposals in consultation - long bar quarantine can await convicts

If the bill becomes a reality, it will give 10,000 kroner in fines in first-time cases to persons who violate the ban. If you do it again, according to the bill, it can result in imprisonment for 30 days.

Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup (S) believes that the proposal could create far greater security – also for the parents who send their children to the city.

– We have experienced some situations where perpetrators have appeared in the nightlife after they have been convicted, and where there is a risk that the victims will meet the perpetrators and that the perpetrators may repeat their behavior.

The government also plans to give the police the opportunity to issue a “security-creating residence ban” of up to one month if it is assessed that a group of people down to 2-3 people have threatening or intimidating behavior towards others.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) said several times during the last year that one of the government’s big goals was to put an end to violence in the nightlife.

A statement at the Social Democrats’ summer group meeting in August that one should not be afraid to take the S-train home in the evening because “15-17 immigrant boys” can not figure out how to behave properly, was heavily criticized by, among others, the Radicals .

The current bill on nationwide quarantine in nightlife was already presented in October, but has now been sent for consultation.

Nick Hækkerup explains that the police will have the opportunity to share information. If you are convicted of violence in Copenhagen, it can thus be prevented from being locked up in a disco in, for example, Haderslev.

– It’s not the yellow card, it’s the red card. If you have committed violence and the like, stay away from the nightlife.

Question: If you are convicted of violence, you get a punishment and thus earn your debt to society. Is this proposal not a double penalty?

– In any case, the level of punishment will be raised. It is first and foremost to protect those who want the safe nightlife, says Nick Hækkerup.

Source: The Nordic Page

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