The possibility of salary compensation is extended until 7 February

The possibility of salary compensation is extended until 7 February

The social partners have agreed on this on Thursday evening, the Ministry of Employment states in a press release.

The stricter restrictions were extended a few days ago, so they now apply until 7 February. They were due to expire on 17 January.

This should help ensure that the more contagious British corona variant, B117, does not spread unchecked in society.

Minister of Research Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen (S), who is acting Minister of Employment, while Peter Hummelgaard (S) is on paternity leave, welcomes the extension.

– We must have security about people’s workplaces in this time. It is important to keep the hand under the companies and employees across the country so that they can keep their jobs, even when society is closed down, she says.

The wage compensation scheme was adopted in the spring of 2020 to avoid redundancies after the first closure. It has since been extended several times.

It provides the opportunity to send employees home with a salary, where the state then covers 75-90 percent of the salary up to 30,000 kroner a month.

With the new extension, companies will once again have the opportunity to give notice of one day’s holiday or paid time off per month when the employee has been sent home on salary compensation.

If the employee has neither holiday nor time off, he or she can be sent home for one day without pay per month.

According to Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, both employers and employees have taken great responsibility under the corona.

– Some of what has been contributed by the employee are holidays. It shows a very great sense of responsibility and a great willingness to go in to contribute in a difficult time, says the acting minister.

If the restrictions – and wage compensation – are extended, employees must contribute one holiday for the first 21 calendar days with which it is extended.

However, a maximum of five days may be required.

When the restrictions and the wage compensation scheme cease, there will be a transition period of seven days, it is stated.

Source: The Nordic Page




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