Huawei commonly accused of spying in municipal broadband

Huawei commonly accused of spying in municipal broadband
  • The Chinese companies that are ported from the Swedish 5G network often occur in broadband networks.
  • Equipment from Chinese Huawei or ZTE is the basis for almost a quarter of all broadband connections covered by the Swedish City Network Association, according to a new survey.
  • The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency does not want to tell Ekot whether the fixed networks will also be covered by the 5G ban.

Particularly common was Huawei, which with its relatively low prices sailed up as the municipal broadband network’s third largest supplier.

Both Huawei and ZTE has been classified as security risks by the Security Police. The authority estimates that they could be subjected to pressure by the Chinese Communist Party or the country’s intelligence service.

Mikael Ek, CEO of Stadsnätsföreningen, tells Ekot that he wants clearer information about whether equipment in the fixed networks will also be affected by the 5G ban.

Huawei’s first appeal against the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency’s ban is still being tried. Despite this, PTS is expected to start the Swedish 5G auction on 19 January.





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