Frontal collision with truck costs motorist life

Frontal collision with truck costs motorist life

One person died in a traffic accident near Næstved on Tuesday.

This is stated by the South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police on Twitter. It is not yet known how old the person was or whether it was a man or a woman.

– One person killed in connection with a frontal collision between truck and car. Relatives have been notified and police have no further information, police wrote on Twitter.

The accident happened when a car and a truck on Tuesday morning collided head-on on Ring Øst just outside Næstved.

It was the driver of the car who lost his life.

The truck driver immediately escaped with a few bruises, but was still sent to Slagelse Hospital, where he was seen.

The road was quickly blocked after the accident and police asked people to find another road around. However, the police state that the road has been cleared and is expected to reopen at around 10.30.

The accident happened when the two cars both came driving along Ring Øst along a long stretch of straight road between Præstøvej and Skyttemarksvej.

Here, the car collided head-on with the truck and subsequently burst into flames.

Source: The Nordic Page




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