56-year-old man admits fatal violence against doctor in Tisvildeleje

56-year-old man admits fatal violence against doctor in Tisvildeleje

His lawyer, Karoline Døssing Normann, says this in court.

Police found 58-year-old Charlotte Asperud in a horrific condition on the night of April 30, 2019. She was found in her home in Tisvildeleje.

This is what senior complaint for North Zealand Police Bente Schnack says.

The door had apparently been kicked open, and Charlotte Asperud lay unconscious in a pool of blood on the bedroom floor. She breathed heavily and with difficulty.

Her iPhone was smashed in the window sill. Previously, it had been used to call Charlotte Asperud’s daughter. And the call made the police move out quickly.

– I have received a very unpleasant call from my mother, the daughter told the police in a call to 112.

– A man has asked her to lie down. I could clearly hear a man in the background. There was a man who said she should lie down.

A helicopter was called and Charlotte Asperud was flown to the hospital. On the way, she had a cardiac arrest, but the doctors managed to revive her.

Doctors, however, judged that Charlotte Asperud’s injuries were so severe that she would not survive. Her respirator was turned off and she died shortly after.

It later emerged that the victim and the accused had been in contact with each other in connection with a traffic accident in 2014.

Here the man was taken to the hospital in Hillerød, but as he was very extroverted, the medical team decided to prescribe psychiatric supervision.

Charlotte Asperud was one of several doctors who, in consultation, agreed that the man should be seen by a psychiatrist against his will.

The man is charged with 14 different counts. In addition to manslaughter, the man is charged with theft, burglary and forgery.

He is also charged with arson. According to police, the man should have tried to set fire to his ex-wife’s cottage. The man denies having done so.

The case is expected to end on February 23.

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