One third of Europeans do not trust Americans, says think tank survey

One third of Europeans do not trust Americans, says think tank survey

BERLIN January 19 (Xinhua) – Thirty-two percent of Europeans no longer believed Americans could trust after electing Donald Trump president in 2016, according to a pan-European survey of more than 15,000 people in 11 countries published on Tuesday.

In Germany, 53 percent of those polled said they strongly agreed or agreed that Americans can no longer trust after the 2016 election, the think tank European Council on Foreign Relations found in the survey.

The survey also showed that 36 percent of Swedish respondents did not believe that Americans were credible after 2016.

In addition, a total of 61 percent of those surveyed believed that the American political system was “completely” or “somewhat” broken. Specifically, 81 percent of British, 71 percent of Germans and 66 percent of French respondents thought so.

Poland and Hungary were the two countries with the most positive views in the United States, where 56 percent of Hungarians and 58 percent of Poles said that the American political system works well or well, and only 23 percent of Poles and 19 percent of Hungarians did so. Do not trust the Americans after voting for Donald Trump in 2016.

Most Europeans rejoiced at Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election in November, but they did not think he could help America make a comeback as a prominent global leader.

The respondents evaluated the European Union and / or their own countries’ systems much more positively than the United States’s and saw Berlin rather than Washington as the most important partner.


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