The emergency services deploy the spikes to assist ambulances

The emergency services deploy the spikes to assist ambulances

– The snow plows have been raised free and are in the process of clearing the roads again, says area manager for Falck Bornholm Klaus Rønne Jensen.

At 10.40 there was a wait to be pulled free from the snow on Bornholm, as there were so many inquiries.

Already since seven o’clock, Falck Bornholm has pulled ten cars free from the snow.

Across the country, Wednesday will be another cool day with temperatures around two degrees below zero.

– We are ready with great preparedness throughout the country, even if the weather on Wednesday looks calm everywhere other than Bornholm and the Triangle area, says press manager for Falck Lisbeth Nedergaard.

Since Monday, the Danish Emergency Management Agency has had tip plows ready at all their stations, but they have only been used on Møn and Bornholm.

The tip plow is used alone to assist ambulance operations. It clears a narrower track than a regular plow. on the other hand, it is less likely to get stuck.

– The biggest problem is actually not the snow, but the wind that creates the snow drifts people get stuck in, says chief operating officer of the Danish Emergency Management Agency Lars Schou.

There are not as many stuck as one might otherwise have been at this time of year.

– It may be because many work from home and therefore do not have the same reason to leave their home, says press manager at Falck Lisbeth Nedergaard.

Anette Bjørn Juncher, head of the duty center at SOS Dansk Autohjælp, agrees with this explanation. But tells that they have still experienced increased bustle after seven o’clock Wednesday morning because people are going to work.

Right now, it is especially the Triangle area in Jutland, Bornholm and South Zealand where there are the most reports of traffic jams and other roadside assistance.

Source: The Nordic Page





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