Copenhagen ranks fifth for happy, healthy lifestyles

Copenhagen ranks fifth for happy, healthy lifestyles

A new study conducted (for some reason) by UK-based contact lens retailer Lenstore has tried to identify the best and worst cities ‘to live a happy and healthy life in’.

The study analyzed 44 cities across the globe by comparing them along 10 different measurements and looking at everything from the cost of gym memberships to hours of daylight. It is driven by a belief that environmental factors and lifestyle habits greatly affect life expectancy.

Scent of tulips

Amsterdam finished at the top with Sydney and Vienna close by. Meanwhile, Stockholm just edged Copenhagen to fourth place. In all, seven European cities came in the top ten – not least thanks to Scandinavia’s contribution: with Helsinki the third city to make the cut.

At the other end of the scale, London ranked seventh from the bottom – with the longest working hours and the least hours of sunshine – just above New York and Washington DC, which ranked among the world’s five unhealthiest cities.

Do you work hard or barely?

With an average of 1,380 hours per year, Copenhagen registered the lowest number of working hours in the explored cities just ahead of Berlin 1,386. Low pollution levels, high levels of happiness and low obesity were other important driving forces behind the impressive position in Denmark’s capital.

However, it was let down by indicators like the average cost of a bottle of water. When we get in at £ 2.19 (18.57 kroner), it’s almost twice as much as a bottle in London! Life expectancy in the city was also noticeably lower than in the rest of the top ten.

For the few people who have once again already broken their New Year’s resolutions, perhaps a move to one of Europe’s healthiest cities is just what the doctor ordered.

Source: The Nordic Page




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