Somali mothers receive Finn Nørgaard prize

Somali mothers receive Finn Nørgaard prize

Sahan, meaning “Forward Together”, is made up of about 100 primarily Somali women who have set out to prevent crime and radicalization among the area’s boys and young men.

The association is apolitical and without religious affiliation.

The prize comes with a work grant of DKK 50,000.

– It is an honor to give the award to you, cool women from Vollsmose, who take matters into their own hands to ensure that the children steer clear of the extremists and gangs in the local area. You clearly say no to the dark men who lure your children with salvation, status, expensive cars and fast money, it sounds in the justification from the Finn Nørgaard Association.

According to the Sahan association, a strong collaboration with the authorities and sister associations is one of the reasons why the effort is successful.

– One of the crucial reasons why we have succeeded in our anti-radicalization efforts is precisely that we have a strong collaboration with various authorities and sister associations, all of which are involved and active in the vision of preventing young people from being inspired. of or participate in conflicts in Denmark and abroad, says Ayan Muumin, who is one of the women in Sahan.

The association has been founded by Finn Nørgaard’s family and his closest friends after he was killed by the perpetrator Omar el-Hussein during the attack on Krudttønden in Østerbro.

The attack took place six years ago. Later that evening, the perpetrator also fired shots in front of the synagogue in Krystalgade in Copenhagen. Here Dan Uzan, who was standing guard in front of the synagogue, was killed.

Finn Nørgaard was 55. Dan Uzan was 37.

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