From the serious to the colorful and back again

From the serious to the colorful and back again

In the three years between 2008 and 2010, Erik Damgaard bought Denmark’s most expensive house, got his own TV program with Anni and became a fixture in the gossip press.

It was a turbulent time for the businessman, where he got married, divorced and fathered for the third time.

It was also there that he lost more than a billion dollars on failed investments.

So Erik Damgaard, who turns 60 on Monday 15 February, had to return to his original virtues.

His career started in the Danish IT industry, where he together with little brother Preben founded the company Damgaard Data in 1983.

They developed an accounting program at home in the basement of Bagsværd, and it went so well that almost two decades later they both became billionaires in selling the life work to Microsoft.

After a divorce from the mother of his first two children, Erik Damgaard met the former nude model Anni Fønsby. And that was the start of a life of hustle and bustle with the jet set.

The two became nationally known with the reality show “Erik and Anni goes to Hollywood”.

Here – and in the weekly magazines – one followed the life of the billionaire and his girlfriend in the United States. And one got close to the couple’s ups and downs, wedding plans, plastic surgery, fractures and reconciliations.

The relationship even survived a rufferidom to Anni Fønsby, but in the end it sank.

At the same time, Erik Damgaard’s fortune was close to disappearing in the financial crisis when his personal investment company went bankrupt.

Only a few stocks survived, so today he is still a double-digit millionaire after all.

The jet set life, however, is put on ice. Erik Damgaard has also moved to Brazil with a new Brazilian wife.

But in terms of work, he is back where it started. With a self-developed IT program for bookkeeping, which is to be sold to small and medium-sized businesses.

Uniconta, his new company, is located in Ballerup, and although Erik Damgaard has the title of CEO, he is not responsible for the day-to-day management. He is the visionary and the one who controls the developers in Ukraine and India.

The company has not made a profit yet, but there is still money on the coffin bottom, and Erik Damgaard believes that success is on the way. Then his comeback will be complete.

Source: The Nordic Page




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