Shot in front of his house

Shot in front of his house

On Saturday evening, a man in his thirties was shot in the eastern part of Reykjavik. One man is currently in custody in connection with the case. The police conduct an investigation which has been given high priority.

The Reykjavík police received a notification on Saturday evening, at 23.57, about an injured man located on Rauðagerði Street in Reykjavík. The police and an ambulance were sent to the site, one of them failed despite attempts to resuscitate. The wounded man was transported to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A police report found injuries caused by firearms on the man’s body.

Vísir reports that the victim was an Albanian citizen and a resident of Iceland. The man was married to an Icelandic woman and they were expecting a second child. The suspect in custody is a foreigner. Death is believed to be related to some type of fighting in the criminal underworld, most likely related to drug trafficking.

At this stage, the police do not comment on the ongoing investigation.

Source: Yle





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