Two tests a week will require ten times the current number of tests

Two tests a week will require ten times the current number of tests

– We are moving to a much more massive test system. Among other things, in schools and in several hundred places where you can be quickly tested.

– The benefit of testing is that it will be one of the most important tools for us to open society, says Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup (S) on Wednesday.

This weekend, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) said that “we as Danes must get used to” being tested more, “quite a few times a week”.

With 5.8 million Danes, this will require test capacity that is at least many times greater than the current one.

If you do a napkin calculation, where, for example, 4.5 million Danes have to be tested twice a week, it is about 1.3 million tests a day.

In comparison, last week a total of about 140,000 daily tests were performed in the public and private sectors.

– It’s not something we can just do. But that is the ambition. This is a huge task we face in regions, municipalities and government. But if we solve it, it will mean that we can open society up again, says Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup.

Chairman of the National Association of Local Authorities Jacob Bundgaard (S) says about the task:

– The road to reopening is paved with test and test again. In the municipalities, we are ready to help lift that task. We have already gained some experience in building test capacity. And it is our expectation that all municipalities will build a test capacity, because the capacity in the private sector will not be sufficient.

– It will be a very, very intensive process we go into, says Jacob Bundsgaard.

Source: The Nordic Page