You can not go to the theater, so why not bring it to the door?

You can not go to the theater, so why not bring it to the door?

Delete this! It’s neither a computer virus nor the shortest bad review in history (it’s two letters shorter than “Shit sandwich”), but instead a new video theater project from the good people at Why Not Theater Company.

With theaters still closed, they bring their drama to the door – yes, they were probably the ones gossiping outside the other night, though we doubt they left cream capsules anywhere or knocked your bike over – to fill any gap for cultural nourishment you may have felt during locking of coronavirus.

After all, there will be a long wait for Why Not’s next production, ‘Happy Days’ by Samuel Beckett, drawn in pencil on the 3rd-25th. September in the group’s spiritual home, the Theater at Sorte Hest.

A little joy and warmth in winter
The idea is simple: ‘Delete this’ is a collection of video messages that drunks leave for their loved ones – of the former or unresolved variety. Quickly assumed, these are tales of “Love, booze and things you wish you had not said”, according to the promo.

“To spread a little joy and warmth this winter, Why Not Theater Company collected a sparkling creative team to produce the video theater project, ”explained Why Not’s creative director, Sue Hansen-Styles.

“Nine very different people have taken a stiff drink when they take the courage to leave a message for a loved one. Thus, they send revealing, touching, and even disturbing confessions – which they are likely to delete afterwards. ”

Explore our increased pairing
According to Hansen-Styles, ‘Delete This’ is Why Not resident playwright Tanja Mastilo’s exploration of the effect of our increased interconnection on emotional relationships.

“In these socially distant times, we are often reminded of the importance of closeness in our daily lives. The need to connect feels stronger and more urgent as we are asked to keep separate, ”she ventured.

“Our secrets, worries, emotional manipulations and disappointments tend to show up after a few drinks. And with a little help from our smartphones, it’s easier than ever to pour our heart directly into a message and share it with the world. Constant online access to others means we can express any thought and impulse 24 hours a day. Is this constructive in relation? Of course not. Is it revealing? So yes. Is that unfortunate? ”

From Cornwall to Queensland
With lockdown in most countries around the world, the videos have been recorded in a wide variety of places.

Not only in Copenhagen, but in Brighton, London and Cornwall and even Queensland, Australia, staff from the theater group have long taken Mastilo’s scripts and gone for it.

Mastilo, fresh from her success with ‘The Cheyenne are Leaving’, has formed nine monologues that again demonstrate her ear to different voices.

Source: The Nordic Page




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