Unannounced car crash triggered 153 charges

Unannounced car crash triggered 153 charges

The traffic police were busy issuing fines in Aarhus on Saturday night, where about 100 cars gathered in an unannounced demonstration.

During the evening, police raised 153 charges against the participants in the demonstration – primarily for traffic offenses.

The East Jutland Police writes this in their 24-hour report.

The police were prepared for the fact that some form of happening was planned and were therefore ready with both ordinary patrols and traffic patrols in the area around the town hall in Aarhus.

However, the event was not notified to the police and is therefore considered an unannounced demonstration.

It is the Cars & Coffee movement that is behind the demonstration. According to its website, Cars & Coffee is a global movement that arranges car meetings.

The group’s Aarhus department describes itself on its Facebook page as “a large collection of car crazy”.

The approximately 100 cars drove into Aarhus city center on Saturday at 7.30 pm. To prevent the rest of the traffic from coming to a standstill, the police blocked off several roads so that the protesters could not drive in a circle and block the traffic.

The motorists then drove to Ingerslevs Boulevard, where they circulated for a long time without being a major nuisance to other road users, the police write.

By 10.30 pm, the cars had left the center of Aarhus again.

Among the 153 charges, 42 charges were for speeding, 27 charges were for lack of or incorrect headlighting, and 13 charges were for unnecessary smoke or noise from the cars.

Of other violations, it can be mentioned that according to the police, nine cars drove towards red, four motorists used a handheld mobile phone while driving, and three cars drove without a number plate.

Source: The Nordic Page




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