The warm weather continues with sun and up to 14 degrees

The warm weather continues with sun and up to 14 degrees

– We get a week with mainly dry weather. There is sun in most places almost every day, and it gets warm with temperatures up to 13-14 degrees, he says.

The somewhat special situation of prolonged warm weather is due to a high pressure that lies almost still over southeastern and central Europe. The high pressure sends warm winds in the direction of Denmark and keeps fronts with rain at a distance.

Despite this, night frosts can occur locally.

On Monday there may be a lot of haze around and there is also a risk of fog banks in the earlier hours, but both haze and fog disappear, and then there is a lot of sunshine, which can be a bit blurred.

– Especially the southern and southwestern regions get a lot of sun, and the temperature rises to between eight and 14 degrees. On coasts with onshore winds, it becomes significantly cooler with only 5-7 degrees, says Martin Lindberg.

During the night until Tuesday, there may be a little drizzle in Jutland.

– A weak front from the west with several clouds passes late in the evening or tonight, and maybe Jutland will get a few millimeters of rain tonight. On Tuesday we will probably get more clouds with a little sun in between, and then it will be mostly dry with between 8 and 12 degrees, he says.

But again, it will be a lot cooler on coasts where the wind is blowing inland.

Both Wednesday and Thursday it stays dry with up to 13-14 degrees heat in the daytime and a mix of clouds and sunshine.

On Friday it will be a lot cooler with a maximum of nine degrees heat, but sheltered from the wind it can prove comfortable enough, as there is a lot of sun in most places.

Source: The Nordic Page




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