No new domestic issues yesterday

No new domestic issues yesterday

Published February 23, 2021

No new domestic cases of coronary heart disease were diagnosed yesterday, according to the latest data from

Nine people are currently in hospital with the virus and no one is in intensive care. 24 people are now in quarantine, and 17 others in isolation, from yesterday. The 14-day infection rate per 100,000 people is now 1.4 and decreases slightly from 1.6 yesterday, but the incidence of border screening is now 4.9 where it was yesterday.

10,554 people have been so far vaccinated against coronavirus, with 6,825 vaccinations in progress. Schedule for which demographics the vaccine will be given and when it will be available here (only available in Icelandic at the moment).

More statistics and information can be found at or lower.

Source: The Nordic Page

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