Spring in your step: Today’s temperatures look more like fiesta time than February!

Spring in your step: Today's temperatures look more like fiesta time than February!

Dust off the sunscreen … and defrost it if it has been down in your basement … because the temperature reaches 14 degrees in southern Denmark today and 13 in the capital region.

Just 12 days ago, at night on 11-12. February, the thermometer crashed to -20.6 in central Jutland: a more than 30 degree turn in the spring’s favor!

Has winter really passed?

And without any particularly alarming temperature forecast by DMI over the next ten days – it will be -1 at night on March 3rd and 4th – it looks like the winter forecast a week ago will not come to anything.

To be fair, however, winter has an ugly habit of returning the moment you put your gloves and hat on storage.

Warm air from the southwest
The warm weather is the result of hot air flowing up from the southwest and conditions will continue until the end of Thursday.

In the capital, temperatures will reach 13 degrees in the north, but be significantly cooler in the south.

The allergy season has started
Mother nature certainly seems to be on board, as pollen season has begunaccording to Asthma-Allergy Denmark (AAD).

Hazel and elm are already on the scoreboard, and AAD warns both can affect the approx. 1 million people in Denmark who are allergic to birch pollen.

Source: The Nordic Page




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