Watch the site of a possible eruption live

Watch the site of a possible eruption live

Local news service Víkurfréttir from Reykjanesbær in South West Iceland has installed a video camerafacing Mount Keilir and the surrounding area. This is an area that scientists have identified as the most likely site for a potential volcanic eruption.

After reviewing new satellite images taken last night, scientists concluded that the possible explanation for the increased movement of the earth’s surface and earthquakes in the area was the accumulation of magma.

Víkurfréttir reacted quickly, by installing a video camerain case an eruption should occur, leaving the possibility live broadcast from such an event.

Architect Snorri Þór Tryggvason and geophysicist Sigríður Kristjánsdóttir recently visited the area to take a 360-degree photo of Fagradalsfjall and the surrounding area, reports The result is a high-resolution image of the area around you Fagradalsfjall, from Mount Þorbjörn via Grindavík and north towards Keilir and Trölladyngja. You can see them HERE and watch from any direction. Mountain names are included.

Most of the recent earthquakes have centered around the area between the Fagradalsfjall and Keilir mountains, and that is where scientists believe that lava will likely flow if an eruption occurs.

Fagradalsfjall is a 385 meter high hyaloclastite mountain, formed in a subglacial eruption during the Ice Age. It was the site of a plane crash on May 3, 1943, in which an American military plane crashed, killing 14 people. One man survived the catastrophe. Among the casualties was General Frank Maxwell Andrews.

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