Postponed imprisonment for a fatal boat accident

Postponed imprisonment for a fatal boat accident

The Helsinki District Court has sentenced one year and six months to imprisonment for a boat accident in which two people died. The collision between a motorboat and a sailboat took place in the Archipelago Sea in southwestern Finland in August 2019. The crash occurred in the part of the high seas known as Airisto near the city of Turku.

The court found the accused guilty of two aggravated killings and serious endangering traffic safety, as well as two causing serious bodily injury.

In addition, the court ordered the defendant to pay the victims and their families punitive damages and legal costs of just over 180,000 euros.

Defendant asked the court to make the amount of punitive damages more reasonable, but the court dismissed the appeal.

Nine people were involved in the accident: two adults in a motorboat and seven others in a sailboat. The two sailboat passengers were children.

Two middle-aged men who were passengers in a sailboat died in the crash.

Source: The Nordic Page




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