Finland to take a cool weekend trip from the spring weather

Finland to take a cool weekend trip from the spring weather

According to Yle’s weather forecasts, Finland’s recent mild, spring-like temperatures will be at a break this weekend.

According to Yle’s Meteorologist, the mild weather, which managed to melt a lot of snow cover in southern Finland since the end of last month, will be replaced by frost. Matti Huutonen.

On Friday night, a low-pressure system from the north is expected to sweep over the ground, with rain, snow or snow on Saturday, depending on location. In the northern and central areas, there may be 5-10 centimeters of new snow on Saturday.

The story continues after the map.

Yle’s weekend forecast predicts a short return to winter weather. Maps show Friday (Friday), Saturday (Saturday), and Sunday (Sunday) weather forecasts.Yle Weather

At the same time, in southern Finland, where frost temperatures are likely to prevail, it is likely to snow or rain.

But these warmer temperatures will disappear again overnight, according to Huutonen.

"On Sunday, northerly winds bring cold air all over the country, and after that frost is expected all over the country. The weather is colder than usual during the last week of the winter holidays," Huutonen explained.

In this case, the frosts are ideal for winter sports and outdoor activities. The highest daily temperature in the north on Sunday averages -10 to -15 ° C, while in the south it is around -5 to -10 ° C.

After the weekend ups and downs, most of the country will be sunny on Monday, except for the northern areas, which will be cloudier at the start of the new week, Huutonen said.

Colder than usual

According to the meteorologist, there are normally milder conditions in Finland this year.

At the beginning of March, the average temperature in southern Finland is slightly above the freezing point, in the central regions it is slightly below zero, while in Lapland the temperature is usually around 10–15 degrees.

"The mass of cold air is always spreading to Central Europe and is likely to continue throughout next week," he stated that the continent’s spring weather break would be wider than in Finland.

Winter weather is expected to arrive when winter vacationers are expected to drive home from vacation trips. Schools in North Karelia, North Savo, North Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Lapland will be on hiatus until the end of this week.

But the operator Marko Nuutinen The Fintraffic traffic monitoring company suspected that the weather would make a significant contribution to congestion problems.

However, the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) has warned on Saturday of poor driving conditions in much of the country.

Source: The Nordic Page

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