Radicals want to offer Polish women free abortion in Denmark

Radicals want to offer Polish women free abortion in Denmark

The Unity List came up with a similar proposal this fall. That message came when the Constitutional Court of Poland ruled that abortion of fetuses with malformations is unconstitutional. Now the verdict has been executed.

Predominantly Catholic Poland has had a very restrictive abortion law since the fall of communism. From 1993, it has been virtually banned.

Virtually all abortions in the country over the past 30 years have thus been performed due to severe malformations. But that exception to the ban has been lifted today.

Today, women can have abortions after rape or incest. Or if the pregnancy poses a danger to the woman.

Denmark had a free abortion in 1973. Before that time, a number of Danish women traveled to Poland to have an abortion.

– There is a historical coincidence in what makes me think it is obvious that we offer abortion to Polish women. At the same time, we must put pressure on the Polish government in general and criticize it for it, says Helveg.

The Radicals believe that Denmark should pay for the intervention. Other costs must be borne by the Polish women or others.

QUESTION: Does the Danish healthcare system have the capacity for that?

– We have to look at that and get into the details. I think it is a struggle in principle, a struggle for values, and I think we should stand up for that. Then we have to deal with the practical, administrative and financial, says Morten Helveg Petersen.

QUESTION: Do you recognize that the Danish healthcare system is under pressure?

– I do not know if it is specifically in relation to abortion. But of course there is pressure in a corona era, and it is very much a pressure that intensifies the pressure in relation to the Polish women who are in a situation where the government has tightened the legislation, he says.

There is strong opposition in Poland to the tightening of abortion legislation.

There were also major protests in the streets in January. Critics, including the organization Sex & Society, believe that the Polish government took advantage of the shutdown during the pandemic to implement its unpopular policy.

– Prohibition of abortions does not lead to fewer abortions, but to more dangerous abortions, writes Sex & Samfund on its website about the Polish abortion law.

According to the Financial Times, the Polish aid group Abortion Dream Team reports significantly more inquiries from women who want an abortion but can no longer get it in Poland when the fetus has malformations.

According to aid groups and doctors interviewed by The Guardian, Polish women typically seek help from clinics in Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. They pay 3-4000 kroner for an abortion.

Source: The Nordic Page





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