The police are aiming for a beauty clinic in Roskilde for the 12th time

The police are aiming for a beauty clinic in Roskilde for the 12th time

Thus, a total of fines of well over 100,000 kroner have been written because the store has been open.

In February, the owner, Osman Al Chami, staged a somewhat cheaper protest against the restrictions – namely a demonstration.

About 70 people trooped up to the event, the regional media has previously been able to report.

In some of the cases, both the holder and his employees have been fined. The price is 10,000 kroner for each visit by the law enforcement.

The latest case unfolded Monday shortly before noon. A customer had his nails fixed, and then the police went in, according to the police’s 24-hour report.

All the episodes are gathered in one pile, which is sent to court with a claim for a fine “of a not insignificant six-figure amount”, it is stated.

In several places in the country, the restrictions have led to fines. In Silkeborg, the clothing store Laura Thomsen Luxury received a lot of attention when it was offered to exchange Christmas presents in January.

This case was last week before the Court in Viborg. But the case has been postponed because the Danish Business Authority must issue a statement, the Central and West Jutland Police inform.

Source: The Nordic Page




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