From Iceland – Horse owners warned of serious illness

From Iceland - Horse owners warned of serious illness

A serious contagious disease caused by the equine herpes virus appeared in February at a large horse race held in Valencia, RÚV reports.

Horse owners in Iceland are being reminded of strict rules around horses to protect the breed from the disease.

The virus does not affect humans but can cause encephalitis and paralysis in horses, so Icelandic owners are advised to follow strict rules regarding disease prevention.

The virus is one that affects horses for life and can be spread by humans, clothing and equipment. As with most diseases, it is highly contagious if many horses are kept in close proximity.

No horsemanship around.

MAST, Matvælastofnun, has reminded all Icelandic horse owners that it is still forbidden to use horse products from other countries.

You must also not bring used riding gloves with you to the country, riding clothes must be washed and dried before you come to the country, as well as soap, riding shoes and helmets, wiped and sprayed with disinfectant.

The first symptoms of the disease are fever and cold. The virus enters the bloodstream through leukocytes and in the most severe cases from the central nervous system, brain and spinal cord.

The animals then become unstable, first on the hind legs, until they become paralyzed and lie down.

Particular care must be taken not to spread the virus.

The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) confirms that eight horses were killed by the virus in Spain and two in Germany.

It is estimated that about 1,500 horses from the tournament in Valencia are traveling around Europe on their way home.

All horses need to be checked and examined so as not to spread the virus across the continent because it is difficult to get a complete overview of where the infection spreads.

Source: The Nordic Page

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